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Entrepreneurship Center, Launching a series of workshops to support innovation & entrepreneurship in the smart industry

In the presence of government officials, from the Arab Authority for Manufacturing, the Industry Renewal Center, and an elite factory managers of multinational companies in Egypt, Al-Obeikan and the Arab Academy Entrepreneurship Center are launching a series of workshops to identify challenges and opportunities to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the smart industry.

Within the framework of activating the partnership between the Saudi Al-Obeikan Group in Egypt, (Al-Obeikan for Digital Solutions), and the Entrepreneurship Center at the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, in the field of supporting start-ups in the industry and smart manufacturing Smart Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, held at the headquarters of the Academy in the Smart Village, Saturday 27 May 2023, a workshop to identify the most important challenges. Opportunities for emerging companies in the smart manufacturing sector, with the participation of a number of government officials, such as the Arab Authority for Manufacturing, through the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Helwan Factory for Advanced Industries in the Authority, Major General Engineer / Mujahid Al-Farmaawi, and the Industry Update Center, as well as an elite industry experts from multinational companies, working in Egypt, and representatives of The community of entrepreneurs and startups

Attendees discussed the main challenges facing the intelligent industry, including administrative and bureaucratic challenges, related to the accelerated development of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, and the most relevant opportunities, and the discussions touched upon the role of artificial intelligence technologies and its use in providing effective and effective solutions to those challenges, and the participants emphasized the importance of taking serious consideration. Cyber attacks, and how to deal with them

In the same context, the workshop discussed the opportunities available for start-ups to offer products or services through the development of specific applications considering that innovation and smart industry are the future for large companies and industrial entities.

It is noteworthy that the cooperation between Obeikan and the Arab Academy is carried out in the framework of providing technical support and support to entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative companies through the axis of the rally competition for students, start-ups, and hackathon, and the hub of smart manufacturing incubator, the conditions of application for the incubator will be announced soon, and the participants emphasized the importance of completing the series of workshops. The work is designed to identify challenges and opportunities for start-ups in the smart manufacturing sector and exit specific opportunities to present to entrepreneurs.