Ripple Program

RIPPLE is a new program for Entrepreneurship Centers and Incubator Managers in Egyptian Universities that aims at building their capacity as well as providing knowledge and resources that enables them to plan successful and sustainable Entrepreneurship Support programs.

The program will be delivered with participation of local and international experts specialized in supporting Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) and enablers; this will be building on the cumulative experience and extended network of supporters at the AAST Entrepreneurship Center.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What RIPPLE Offers 

Capacity Building Program by International Experts

Links to Best Practices and Success Models of Entrepreneurship Centers Worldwide 

One to One Consultation for involved Entrepreneurship Centers

Building Entrepreneurship Center Profile and Action Planning

​​​​​​​Access to Financial Support

RIPPLE Focus Areas

Entrepreneurship Concepts and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Planning an incubator / Accelerator / Entrepreneurship Support Program

Identifying Entrepreneurship Center Vision, Mission, and Unique Positioning

Developing Entrepreneurship Center Business Model

Identifying the Clients Profile and Planned programs and services to be offered by the Entrepreneurship Center

Developing the Entrepreneurship Center Growth and Financial Sustainability strategies

Governance Structure, Program Design, and Management Structure of Entrepreneurship Center

Best Practices of Implementing Entrepreneurship Support Services in Incubators / Accelerators e.g. mentorship programs, consultations, virtual services, etc.

Technology Commercialization through Entrepreneurship cenetrs and Incubators

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