Rally Incubator

The Incubator focuses on AAST students and graduate entrepreneurs, who aim at creating and growing their startup businesses in all fields and are looking for special support that can fulfill their needs.
The program is OPEN All Over the Year, you can Apply anytime.
The Incubator Have FIVE Stages, you can apply to any of the stages according to your current Status.

Incubator Phases
FIVE Stages to Ideate – Launch – Scale your business
Stage 1: Ideate - Find Your Passion
* In this stage, we will help you to find your area of passion and create your startup idea
* You will join inspiring events and meet entrepreneurs and successful founders
* You will also get to know the Rally Society in your branch and participate in different activities all over the year
Once you have a Valid IDEA – you will be ready to move to the next stage
Stage 2: Ideate – Define Your Business
* In this stage you will be guided on how to define your business concept
* You will receive capacity building and advising to know what is the VALUE that your product offers, who is your Target Audience, what are your Revenue Streams, etc.
* You will have the opportunity to present and discuss your idea with experts and join interesting training events.
Once you have a Validated Business Concept – you will be ready to move to the next stage
Stage 3: Launch – Develop Your Product
* In this stage, we will work with you to develop the first version of your product and to test the market
* You will receive a capacity building program on Market Validation, Product-Market-Fit, Prototype and MVP Criteria, etc. as well as one-to-one mentoring and advising.
* You will also learn how to have a Pitch deck and how to Pitch your business to judges and investors
Once you have a Product Prototype & Pitch Deck – you will be ready to move to the next stage.
Stage 4: Launch – Go To Market
* In this stage we will guide you on developing your Go to Market strategy, testing your product in real market, getting feedback, and doing the needed modification or optimization to your product.
* We will work with you to build your brand and make traction
* In this stage, you will receive a Financial Support for your market launch in addition to advanced consultation sessions from experts.
Once you have a Traction/Buying Customer(s) – you will be ready to move to the next stage.
Stage 5: Scale – Grow and Scale Your Business
* In this stage, you will be guided on how to grow your business and tackling any challenges that your company is facing
* You will receive additional Financial Support for your growth plans and advanced consultation from business experts.
* You will also be invited to events and meetings to pitch your business in investors and business leaders.

If you have an idea/startup and you want to join one of our incubation programs, please fill this form, To Apply Please fill The formApplication Form