About Startup School

The Startup School at The Center of Entrepreneurship at Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) acts as the educational arm for the center. It works on providing the center's students, alumni, Faculty members, entrepreneurs, and trainees with high-end custom-made educational experiences in forms of on and off-class lectures, workshops, trainings, events, competitions, mentorship sessions, or usually, a mixed program of all.

The Startup School holds a set of objectives of equipping early stage entrepreneurs with the essential, substantial, and core knowledge, skills, tools, and competencies on a side. And on another side, supporting existing startups through advanced trainings and technical, industry-related, and stage-based mentorship programs. Also, the school provides the center''s incubators with the needed educational components in order to complement the valuable and impactful incubation experience.

The Startup School is fully built on using the latest learning theories, research-based training methodologies, and is established on following the best practices in entrepreneurial education with the assistance of an excellent and highly qualified pool of academic and professional entrepreneurship trainers, facilitators, mentors, instructors, and professors.Whether for freshman university students, or series A startups, the school’s programs fulfils the knowledge and practice gaps and helps its audience overcome educational and professional challenges working hard to achieve AAST Entrepreneurship Center’s vision.